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About Us

We opened our doors in 2007 on 14th ST NW in Washington, D.C. Seeing the need for a core skate shop within the city limits, we set up shop in the up-and-coming U Street corridor neighborhood and have watched it grow around us. The name is derived from the basketball team which once called the neighborhood their home playing games at the “Arcade” on 14th and Irving. As the 3rd shop operated by owner Greg Grammen (Active Edge, Elite Boardshop then Palace 5ive), we’ve always acknowledged the importance of giving back to and staying in tune with the local skate scene. Our Go Skate Day events are an active embodiment of this ethos, providing our loyal customers with free food, product and a place to unify.  We also helped establish Shaw Skatepark with the city of Washington which is located only a few black from our store. We then went on to help establish two other parks in the city. We recently established a Fairfax, Virginia store which mirrors our D.C. shop after closing the doors on Elite Boardshop in 2013. Our city has treated us well for the past seven years and we hope to continue reciprocating the hospitality for years to come.